Summer and Rental Updates

We hope everyone has had a great 4th of July and is enjoying the summer weather.

There are several updates to the Newport Aviation Rental Agreement. If you have not signed the new agreement PLEASE stop into the office before your next flight.

Changes Implemented:

  1. ALL 2 hour flight blocks will be charged a MINIMUM OF 1.0 HOURS HOBBS at the rate for the aircraft rented. (Cherokee $95 per hour Warrior $110 per hour). (Regardless if you fly less than 1.0)

  2. If you would like to reserve the airplane for only 1 hour on the schedule to regain currency or practice landings etc. Then a MINIMUM OF 0.5 HOURS will be charged regardless if you fly less than the 0.5 Hobbs.

  3. If you currently rent the Cherokee 140 and would like to schedule several times this summer we suggest that you get checked out to fly the Warrior due to the high volume of lessons in the Cherokee as our main training aircraft for the flight school.

  4. Day rates are also implemented if you would like to rent the airplane for the day to travel to the islands. A minimum of half the time scheduled or Hobbs time on the airplane, whichever is longer. (EXAMPLE: 6 hour reservation, 3 hours will be charged unless you fly longer than 3.0)

Thank you for your cooperation and fly safe!

-Newport Aviation Team