Our newest Pilots here at Newport Aviation!

A BIG congratulations to them and to our Chief Flight Instructor Adam Ginn for helping them achieve these outstanding goals! 

As always feel free to stop into the flight school office if you have any questions or concerns. 

Fly Safe!!


Summer and Rental Updates

We hope everyone has had a great 4th of July and is enjoying the summer weather.

There are several updates to the Newport Aviation Rental Agreement. If you have not signed the new agreement PLEASE stop into the office before your next flight.

Changes Implemented:

  1. ALL 2 hour flight blocks will be charged a MINIMUM OF 1.0 HOURS HOBBS at the rate for the aircraft rented. (Cherokee $95 per hour Warrior $110 per hour). (Regardless if you fly less than 1.0)

  2. If you would like to reserve the airplane for only 1 hour on the schedule to regain currency or practice landings etc. Then a MINIMUM OF 0.5 HOURS will be charged regardless if you fly less than the 0.5 Hobbs.

  3. If you currently rent the Cherokee 140 and would like to schedule several times this summer we suggest that you get checked out to fly the Warrior due to the high volume of lessons in the Cherokee as our main training aircraft for the flight school.

  4. Day rates are also implemented if you would like to rent the airplane for the day to travel to the islands. A minimum of half the time scheduled or Hobbs time on the airplane, whichever is longer. (EXAMPLE: 6 hour reservation, 3 hours will be charged unless you fly longer than 3.0)

Thank you for your cooperation and fly safe!

-Newport Aviation Team

Student Solos

It has been a busy start to the summer here at Newport Aviation!

Congratulations to:

Aaron Shemenski on his first solo in the traffic pattern at KUUU on May 27th.

Jacob Greenberg on achieving his Private Pilot License on May 27th.

and most recently Jeff Lewis on his first solo in the traffic pattern on June 20th!



Attention Students/Renters of Newport Aviation.

Please remember to tie down and cover the airplanes after each use. Even if you see someone's name scheduled after your flight, you still MUST tie down and cover the airplane. 

Also, Newport (KUUU) is a left traffic airport. There have been many complaints about people making right turn outs on departure.

Please make sure you are following the left traffic procedures to help make operations safer. 

If you have any questions about your rentals or procedures please email us

Have a great spring and fly safe! 




As the warm weather approaches, Newport Aviation is considering bringing the Cessna 172RG Cutlass from New Bedford onto our flight line for the spring and summer months.


  • 1980 Cessna 172RG Cutlass.
  • 66 Gallons total fuel @ 12GPH giving it a range of about 5 hours.
  • Cruise speeds at up to 130KTS for long distance flights.
  • Windows that open fully under the wing for aerial photography.
  • Dual VOR with glide slope
  • Basic GPS
  • 4 seats

This could be a great opportunity for Newport pilots to experience a high wing airplane with a further range, faster speeds and gain a complex airplane endorsement from our instructor Adam Ginn.  Pictures can be seen if you click on the "Cessna" link at the top of this page.

I personally just finished up my commercial training requirements in this airplane and it flew very well. The retractable gear system is simple and easy to operate after a checkout with our instructor. It flies comfortably in turbulence and is a stable IFR/Commercial trainer.

If you or anyone else is interested in the possibility of bringing the Cessna onto our flight line for instruction and rental please email Brett: or contact Heather. We will make a determination based upon the interest we receive.

Have a Great Weekend and Fly Safe!

-Brett Pollina

New Look

Greetings to all of our Pilots

As you can see Newport Aviation has gone through a complete makeover. The website has been redesigned and we have upgraded our scheduling system to the newest version of "Flight Schedule Pro" which is the leading choice of software for modern flight schools.

Also, the Piper Warrior N122NA has been painted in brand new white and blue matching the company colors. The Warrior also has been continuously updated each month with IFR capable GPS approaches and navigation data on the Garmin 430.

Please remember to plug in the aircraft after each use with the orange extension cords and be sure to cover/tie down always. If you have any questions be sure to email or call.

On this blog page we will also be posting first solos and other milestones as students achieve their goals, so please continue to check this biweekly email for exciting updates.

Fly Safe

Newport Aviation