Aircraft for Rent & Instruction

We have 2 Piper single-engine aircraft available for rental and instruction.

Current Fuel Price at Newport: $5.53 per gallon. * call for current*

The Cherokee 140: N5904U

The Cherokee 140: N5904U

1970 PIPER CHEROKEE (PA-28-140)
With FAA approved STC 160 The Piper Cherokee is our primary training aircraft. The 160hp single engine 4 place airplane is one of the most stable trainers in the general aviation market. Its low wing design keeps the plane stable in all wind conditions. Cruising at 120 knots (136mph) the Cherokee can take you to any one of the Islands off Newport’s coast in 20 minutes. Looking to get Instrument certified? The Cherokee is equipped with a GPS and two Navigation Comms for IFR flight. Newport Aviation is in conjunction with Chris Aircraft, an aircraft maintenance facility, which maintains and inspects the plane in accordance with FAA regulations. For more information please call Newport Aviation at (401) 846-2FLY.


1982 PIPER WARRIOR (PA-28-161)
The Warrior is a good choice for both flight training and rental. It's docile flight characteristics, similar to those of the Cherokee, make learning to fly a breeze. As a renter, its efficient wing and generous power output may be just what you need to bring that one extra friend to lunch on the Vineyard. It is equipped with a Garmin GNS 430 GPS and dual VOR with glideslope options for shooting GPS and ILS/LOC approaches under IFR.